Who Does He Love More?

Who does he love more? The person he is being untruthful to or the one he is honest with? I have listened to many different opinions on this topic (from mostly men) hearing so many different opinions for which I had to come to realize all men think differently. This was a shocker to me at first but yes, they have different views on being honest and untruthful in a relationship.

Hearing that the one he is untruthful to, he might love so much that he can’t handle to tell his intentions because he doesn’t think his partner can handle it, is full of shit to me but hey that is what he thinks. Likewise, for the one he tells the truth to he can be honest with admitting to the good or the bad because he has faith that his love for her can’t be changed by any mistake. And possibly the love they have can withstand anything. So maybe he loves the one he tells the truth to more? Right, how about people in relationships stop being selfish and if they want to act on the characteristic of being selfish they can be by themselves; hey I’m just saying.

At first, I thought this question would have been easy and I would have received the same response from everyone I asked. Going into this topic and hearing so many different stories all I can think about is knowing your self-worth as an individual. As a person, you should know that once any relationship starts off with the lies it’s time to depart. It might be hard but trust me you will look back in life like I made the best choice ever. I believe that NO man will ever try to hurt someone they truly love. My mother told me once you start any type of relationship with lies it will always end in lies and I have gone to witness this in many of my relationships myself.

Comment below. I would love to hear other opinions on this subject.



  1. Janelle Moore
    08/20/2017 / 11:29 pm

    Men also lie to protect themselves from being hurt.

    • 08/21/2017 / 12:09 am

      True but why even put yourself in any situation to get hurt?

  2. Remon Belgrave
    08/21/2017 / 8:09 pm

    This topic is a conundrum in itself. I think with all the answers and different perspectives from many guys there is still more to this question underneath the surface. You can even bring psychology into it and patterns of learned thinking. You should write a book!

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