Saint Fxckery

Life Situations

Being nice doesn’t get you what you want or need.┬áLet’s face it you get stepped on. At the end of the day, you are still overly nice believing that someday things will change. Being submissive in so many ways because that’s apart of your personality (as you might think). People who are loyal, supportive, caring, honest giving get the short end of the stick its just how life is set up.

Being nice can have an impact on an individuals life in so many ways. Getting push around at work, not getting the person they’re falling head over heels for, called for booty calls (if that’s what you like…I’m am not here to judge), broken promises, just basically not getting what they deserve in life.

I say fuck all that shit! Why not go out there and get what you deserve, follow your dreams go after that man that you have had a crush on since high school, what are you waiting for? You guys know the saying time waits for no one and let me just add on to that tomorrow isn’t promised.

On the other hand when women are boss bitches, slayed out queens that take no bullshit, care less about what other people think. THEY WINNING BOO! So, stop worrying about if people are going to like you if you are nice or not, be true to yourself and the right people will come into your life at the right time.