Coconut Oil Skincare


Every time the weather changes over from hot to cold my skin starts to get dry. I use to use palmers shea butter but after transitioning to a healthier lifestyle coconut oil began to be my new lover for my skin. It was the best thing I could have done, the product is not too greasy on artificial smells or ingredients, and I could use it on my whole body plus eat it. I choose coconut oil because shea butter was always too greasy for me, I used to look like oil in a frying pan. The brand I started off with was shea moisture. But Honestly after the entire marketing scheme that the company projected I decided to stop purchasing their products. I did use my coconut oil product until finish hence, while still looking for another company that offered all the natural qualities needed for my skin to remain healthy, I found Hamamat on Instagram. I fell in love with the person behind the brand; she is so full of energy and knowledgeable, most of all I enjoy the product history. On the site skincare tips are offered by the owners home country Ghana where the product is produced, it doesn’t get any more natural and authentic. By the way, the product is a must grab they also provide shea butter which will be my next purchase as I want to use this on my hair.

*Haven’t tried the black soap yet. I will be using this on my face only.


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