Body Shapes

Knowing Your Shape And What Looks Good

Rectangle | slender/slight body frame, similar width for bust, hips and waist

Pear | wider hips and bottom, narrow bust

Strawberry wider bust, top-heavy, narrower hips and waist

Apple | rounded tummy and bigger bust, slim hips

Hourglass | wider bust and hips, narrower waist

One of the six classic principles of design is the shape. Knowing your body shape will help with clothing purchases, don’t tell body I didn’t give you some fashion advise that will change your life, by buying items that will fit right and make you feel like that confident woman you are supposed to be.
Just by knowing what to wear from knowing your shape can help emphasize and camouflage, draw attention to your attractive features and drawing attention away from what you consider to be less attractive.

Do you know what your shape is? I’m a natural hourglass at the moment (don’t know what the future holds). It doesn’t matter the shape or size we are all divas. Tell me you shape below…


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