12 Days Before Christmas

Christmas by beconfidentu on polyvore.com

Am I too late? What are you wearing for the holidays? Around this time I usually want to be as comfortable and stylish as possible. But in New York this time around it’s snowing then it’s warm then its Fall,  the weather is just as confused as I am. I am trying not to get myself sick. Keeping healthy and maintaining a better vegan life as I have been falling off due to depression.

I have created some outfit ideas; tell me what you think.  What are some of your holiday outfit ideas? I want to see some of your ideas as you know we all  inspire each other. I will be posting some of mine soon. So stay tuned.

Just remember New Years is right around the corner, yeah I know this year has went so fast. January is almost here and new year’s resolution are about to be on the go. What are yours? I know mine is to find the right yogi and exercise more. As you can see I didn’t say go to they gym, as I hate the gym one reason being I don’t want to pay and I hate people staring at me in  awkward moments.



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